Clinic Address

Steinbach Family Medical
10-333 Loewen Blvd.
Steinbach, MB
R5G 0C3


General Enquiries 204-326-3401
Same Day Care Clinic 204-326-3401
Fax 204-326-3899

Physician Offices

Family Practice Number Clinic Area
Dr. Jessica Allen 204-326-8865 Station B
Dr. Alicia Barnard 204-326-8854 Station B
Dr. Mark Duerksen 204-326-8858 Station A
Dr. Aleesha Gillette 204-326-8863 Station C
Dr. Roger Gingerich 204-326-8872 Station A
Dr. Chantelle Hercina 204-326-8852 Station F
Dr. Dan Ilchyna 204-326-8871 Station F
Dr. Wilfried Kaethler 204-326-8861 Station D
Dr. Curtis Krahn 204-326-8860 Station D
Dr. Nicole Porath 204-326-8862 Station D
Dr. Luzelle Pretorious 204-326-8864 Station C
Dr. Darren Reimer 204-326-8868 Station F
Dr. Sahar Shoukry 204-326-8866 Station C
Dr. Karen Toews 204-326-8870 Station A
Dr. Hang Trinh 204-326-8873 Station F
Dr. Gwynneth van der Byl 204-326-8867 Station B
Dr. Hillary Widdifield 204-326-8853 Station B

General Surgery Number Clinic Area
Dr. James Denis, surgeon 204-326-8855 Station C
Dr. Paul Galessiere, surgeon 204-326-8856 Station C
Dr. Sule Garba, surgeon 204-326-8857 Station C

Gamma-Dynacare Lab


Clinic Administration

Important - Do not send patient related information or requests to any Administration contact number
or email address. No action will be taken or response given.

Teaching Program Administrative Support

Darlene Hildebrandt

Phone: 204-326-8888
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: darlene[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com

Billing Administrator

Liona Caballero

Phone: 204-326-8869
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: liona[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com

Clinic Manager

Fred Pauls

Phone: 204-326-8859
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: fred[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com