Clinic Address

Steinbach Family Medical
10-333 Loewen Blvd.
Steinbach, MB
R5G 0C3


General Enquiries 204-326-3401
Same Day Care Clinic 204-326-3401
Fax 204-326-3899

Physician Offices

Family Practice Number Clinic Area
Dr. Jennifer Anderson 204-326-8865 Station B
Dr. Alicia Barnard 204-326-8854 Station B
Dr. Mark Duerksen 204-326-8858 Station A
Dr. Aleesha Gillette 204-326-8863 Station C
Dr. Roger Gingerich 204-326-8872 Station A
Dr. Chantelle Hercina 204-326-8852 Station F
Dr. Dan Ilchyna 204-326-8871 Station F
Dr. Wilfried Kaethler 204-326-8861 Station D
Dr. Curtis Krahn 204-326-8860 Station D
Dr. Nicole Porath 204-326-8862 Station D
Dr. Luzelle Pretorious 204-326-8864 Station C
Dr. Darren Reimer 204-326-8868 Station F
Dr. Sahar Shoukry 204-326-8866 Station C
Dr. Karen Toews 204-326-8870 Station A
Dr. Hang Trinh 204-326-8873 Station F
Dr. Gwynneth van der Byl 204-326-8867 Station B
Dr. Hillary Widdifield 204-326-8853 Station B

General Surgery Number Clinic Area
Dr. James Denis, surgeon 204-326-8855 Station C
Dr. Paul Galessiere, surgeon 204-326-8856 Station C
Dr. Sule Garba, surgeon 204-326-8857 Station C

Gamma-Dynacare Lab


Clinic Administration

Important - Do not send patient related information or requests to any Administration contact number
or email address. No action will be taken or response given.

Administrative Assistant

Teaching Program Administrative Support Lead
Darlene Hildebrandt

Phone: 204-326-8888
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: darlene[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com

Billing Administrator

Liona Caballero

Phone: 204-326-8869
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: liona[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com

Clinic Manager

Fred Pauls

Phone: 204-326-8859
Fax: 204-326-8885
Email: fred[at]steinbachfamilymedical[dot]com

Supplier Contact