Access Steinbach Family Medical through the east side doors 

Patient Portal

Steinbach Family Medical may message and share medical results with you from time to time. These will be available through our secure Patient Portal. When a message is sent to you, the portal token link is valid for 30 minutes. If you do not use the portal token within 30 minutes, another token can be requested at any time to review current and previous messages and results.

Family Medicine & Team-Based Care

Steinbach Family Medical strives to provide you with a personal family physician. In addition to the medical care that your family physician provides, your family physician will work with other providers in the facility including general surgeons, mental health, wound care, dietitian services, diabetes and chronic disease services, midwifery and a clinical pharmacist. All of these providers are part of the Bethesda Primary Care Centre and are part of the services of My Health Team Steinbach.

My Health Team Steinbach Dietitian’s Cooking Video Links

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Family Medicine & Teaching

We are affiliated with the University of Manitoba and are responsible to teach 3rd and 4th-year medical students (clerks) as well as doctors who are specializing in family medicine (family medicine residents). Steinbach is one of the six rural teaching programs which also includes Dauphin, Brandon, Portage La Prairie, a combined Morden/Winkler, and a combined St. Anne/Notre Dame. Students spend five weeks in Steinbach as part of a core clerkship rotation while residents may spend anywhere from 2 months to 18 months in Steinbach during their two-year family medicine residency.

Having multi-level learners at one site is considered a strength of the program. While in Steinbach, the learners see patients in the hospital and clinic. They participate in surgery and are expected to be on call for the emergency department and for delivering babies. All students are supervised by an attending physician but the level of supervision depends on the students’ level of training. A patient seeing a clerk (3rd or 4th-year student) should expect to see their own family physician, however, a family medicine resident may feel comfortable dealing with a patient on his/her own.

All patients are reviewed with an attending physician by the end of the day! The physicians at SFM are committed to teaching and we encourage you as a patient to engage a student. We believe that teaching keeps us current and is an excellent tool for recruitment and sustainability in our community. Many of the physicians that are presently practicing in Steinbach first came here as students and/or residents: We as physicians appreciate the willingness of most patients to involve a student in their care and believe it will continue to be a positive experience!

Same Day Care Clinic

SDCC services are no longer available


Our Same Day Care Clinic is not the same as the QuickCare Clinic

QuickCare clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses who diagnose and treat minor health issues. They do not have access to the Steinbach Family Medical patient records and should be used for minor health issues saving a trip to the emergency department or having to wait for regular clinic hours.

The QuickCare clinic provides same day services by booking an appointment.  To book a same day Quick Care Clinic appointment call 204 326-7569. Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday. 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

If you require emergency care – call 911 or visit the nearest hospital. Emergency care is considered life-threatening and requires immediate attention such as:

  • Heart attack or chest pain
  • Poisoning
  • Loss of consciousness or convulsions
  • Major fractures

Dynacare Laboratory Services

We are pleased to have on-site laboratory services for your convenience. Lab hours are Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. The lab is operated by Dynacare. Please contact them directly at 204-326-1617 with any inquiries you may have regarding their services.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

The Clinic provides drug and alcohol testing services to employers who are required to perform pre-employment and random testing on their employees. Please call 204-326-3401 to inquire about appointment times and fees for these services.